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Build yourself a customer help desk: raise, track, and manage tickets effortlessly. All without leaving ClickUp.

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All the features you could imagine...

...and everything in between

Manage Everything in ClickUp

Manage all your tickets and requests in your existing ClickUp workspace. No need to use two tools to get one job done.

Custom Support Portal

Your customers will never miss a thing; they can raise tickets and keep track of their progress through your customer facing portal. It's fully customisable too!

Auto Assign Users

All tasks created in ClickUp can be auto assigned to a person or a group in your workspace. No manual steps needed.

Knowledge Base

The portal doesn't just manage a customer's request, but also doubles as your company's knowledge base. Customer's can search your docs to find the answer they need without raising a ticket!

Custom Forms

Every request form is fully customisable, meaninng you can tailor your request types to different people or departments. Every from simple text fields to file uploads are possible with the included form builder.

Ticket ID Tracking

Every new request gets a unique ticket ID so you can reference the ticket with your customers, just like all your favourite request tools.

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